Product information|Meatal powder manufactured by water atomization. Conductive paste・Soft magnetic powder・Metal bond diamond tolls・Sintered materials

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We manufacture metal powders by water atomization method.
This method is that molten metal is quenched and solidified by high pressure water.
We can control chemical composition, particle shape, density, particle diameter etc.
We make the best use of our atomization control technologies and realize customers' requirement.

Feature of water atomization method


・ We can manufacture mesh size and micron powders.
・ We can manufacture irregular and spherical powder.
・ We can manufacture alloy powder that can not manufactured by chemical method.
・ We can manufacture powders with recycle material.
・ We can manufacture powders at lower cost.


Products Guide

Copper, Silver and Precious metal powders for conductive paste

image Copper and Silver and Precious metal powders are used for conductive paste for electronic device (MLCC, Inductor , LTCC etc.).

Soft magnetic alloy powders for power inductor

image Soft magnetic alloy powders are used for powder inductor of power supply
(DC-DC converter etc.).

Bronze powder for powder metallurgy

image Bronze and brass powders are used for bearing of motor and car parts.