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代表取締役社長 坂東 二郎

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Nippon Atomized Metal Powders Corporation was founded on March 27, 1964 as a metal powder manufacturer.   We have consistently produced metal powders, including copper-based, iron-based, and precious metals, using our proprietary technology for the water atomizing process, and have focused on providing products that meet the trends and needs of the times.

Currently, our main products are copper powder used as electrode material for multilayer ceramic capacitors, iron-based alloy powder used as coil material for power inductors, and bronze powder used as powder metallurgy material for bearings in small motors.   These products are widely used in various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, data centers, home appliances, and automotive electronic devices, supporting the advancement of technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud computing, and 5G.

As a material manufacturer of metal powder, we aim to adapt to the changing industrial structure through digital innovation and continue to be an indispensable company in the future.   To achieve this, we prioritize safety, improve workplace environments and education, strive for the inheritance, improvement, and development of our proprietary technology, and continue to provide quality metal powders that brings new value and satisfaction to our customers.

From a medium-to long-term perspective, we will strengthen our technology and development systems, create new businesses, including processing to increase the added value of metal powders, and steadily invest in our production system for future profit growth.

In addition, we have started to embed ESG in our business strategy and operations.  We have already partially introduced hydroelectric power generation as renewable energy.   And now, we are working on improving the quality and manufacturing method of metal powder, efficiently using resources, and working on a circular economy to reduce their consumption.

Your continued warm support and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Jiro Bando  President

Jiro Bando
May 2023


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